Kaiyue Yang

The current focus of my works is 'Scripted Communication', where in many of our daily activities there are already a set number of routines that will perform automatically regardless of human input.

For example, a not-so-well-known-co-worker's 'How are you?' greeting will very likely to cause you to respond 'I am fine, thank you. And you?' even though you might have not given a second to think about how well you have been.

You might also be able to recall the cases where you talk through a bunch of stuff in a set order regardless of the response given by the listener as you couldn't care less about what the other person think. This kind of automation in human interaction (ie. scripted communication) is the topic that I am very interested in and work on.

So what should we do about it? From a political correctness standpoint it is never correct to admit that you often engage in scripted communication. Is there any way to admit it to make ourselves feel better? Will we be able to see how effective the scripted communication has been in our daily life by looking at it from a different angle?

The RCA is no different. As students, we might have also experienced such routines and automations during our study at this institute, on an academic level. With all the tutorials, exams, workshops, and final markings, who can say that they are not just part of the scripted communication in a smaller scale?


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