David Colombini

Hi, I’m a Swiss designer and artist based in London. In a context where western societies tend to use smart technologies in an attempt to control and optimize every aspect of life, I’m using a range of different skills and material to create digital and physical experiences that invite humans to rediscover a loss of control by playing with the poetics of the unexpected and the serendipitous.

My final MA project "The Weather Followers" is a sculpture connected to a webapp that brings serendipity to your digital life, using constantly evolving weather data recorded by four weather instruments.

The project offers humour, poetry and surprise as an alternative to 'smart' applications and predictive, comfortable digital routines. Instead of our decisions being driven by intangible algorithms and hidden lines of code, The Weather Followers helps us feel the speed and direction of the wind, the amount of particulate matter in the air, the intensity of the sun or the rhythm of the rain.

Alongside my artistic practice, I have previously worked for renowned institutions and companies such as:

United Visual Artists
Herzog & De Meuron
Philippe Rahm architects


David Colombini
David Colombini
David Colombini

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